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Crop Holder

Hat Pocket

Main Compartment

Centre Pocket


Reflective Piping


The HackSack Original has been specially designed to carry all your riding equipment and accessories in one safe, secure and easy to manage bag.  Please scroll down, or click on the links below to jump to the individual and unique features.*

*Please note that HackSackTM Ltd will defend, vigorously and internationally, any and all HackSackTM designs, patents, trademarks and copyright.


Place your boots into the unique HackSack specially designed and amazingly light MetalliumTM Stirrup1 and secure with strap A. Adjust with strap B for smaller boots to lift them higher into holding strap A.



For short boots, add chaps first and secure in the normal way (above).


1 The HackSack stirrup weighs only 1.8oz or 52gr.



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Place the crop handle through the elasticated cord A and thread down into mesh pocket B and close with both plastic toggles to secure.






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The HackSack front mesh pocket will help keep your hat fresh, aired and secure.  It will fit up to a size 60cm hat (57cm is the average size).  If you have a hat with a peak, this pocket has 2 zips, so just place the hat in the bag with the peak pointing upwards, pull the zips to either side of the peak and it will be secure (the peak itself will remain outside the pocket).  For smaller size hats/peaks the hat will fit fully inside the bag.


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The main compartment is a generous 43cm X 33cm X 15cm with a zipped wet-bag to separate your used clothing from your other clothes and riding gear.



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The centre pocket has 2 zipped pockets - perfect for your phone, purse, wallet or keys.  The main section of this pocket is ideal for books/notebooks magazines or other documents.




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After your outing, you will not want to put your muddy boots back on the side of the bag, so each HackSack bag comes with a pair of BootBags.  Just place your boots inside the bags, pull the top toggles to close, and place them back in the stirrups on the side of the bag.  These bags are made from nylon so you can easily rinse them out when you get home.


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For safety on dark mornings or evenings, the HackSack bag features three rows of reflective piping



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